Who and What

Good Breeders

Other Breeders

Pet Stores

Have puppies

Usually always

Have waiting  


Usually always
Probably not






Yes – comprehensive

Health Stats

Yes – will be honest with the problems in their breed

Perhaps – many will tell you their dogs have no health

problems, because they either don’t know, don’t care, or

want to hide the truth from you

No – they do not collect this information, many preferring

to let you think that there are no health problems (when you

know that every breed has health issues and that you should

know the statistics)

Have health  

tested the parents

Yes of course, and will provide you with copies of the

health certificates

Probably not. More likely to tell you that their dogs have

no health problems (and of course, you know that all dogs

are at risk of problems)

They wouldn’t know. Some will tell you “yes” even though

they don’t know. Others will tell you health testing is not


Will have health  

tested puppies

Yes, of course, and then tell you what health testing needs

to be done over the course of the puppy’s life

Usually no. Many will tell you that the pups are “vet

checked”, but at best, if this is actually true, it usually

indicates that no really apparent health problems are

present at that moment, on that day

Usually no. Many will tell you that the pups are “vet

checked”, but at best, if this is actually true, it usually

indicates that no really apparent health problems are

present at that moment, on that day

Will tell you  

what health testing needs to happen

Of course! – many will insist that you get the health

testing done

Probably not

No – would have absolutely no idea why this would be


Will give  

you info on diet

Will have comprehensive information available for you. Some

will even require that you agree to feed a specific diet

before you even get on the waiting list

(Hint: this is usually a very good sign that this breeder

really cares about the health of their dogs

Probably not

Perhaps will try and sell you something from the store, but

will not have an individual plan for your dog


Will be a reasonable price. Breeder lucky if they break even
Usually charge more than registered breeders
Usually charge significantly more than registered breeders


Sometimes – best way to hear is by word of mouth, so you

need to do some research usually to find these guys


Will provide a  

health guarantee

Yes 1-2 years
Probably not
Will probably offer 1-14 day guarantee

Will provide  

on-going support

Yes – usually comprehensive
Usually not

No – well unless you are buying more products from their


Will take back  

your puppy or dog if you cannot keep it

Yes. Some breeders will demand that you can only return the

puppy/dog to them.

(Hint: this is a sign of a good breeder)


Will require you  

spay/neuter your pup

Usually. Those pups left “intact” are those that present the

absolute best of the breed, that are worth producing more

pups from. The breeder stays in very close contact with



Has registered  


Yes – all their puppies will be registered with the Canine

Control body

Usually not

Will provide  

training advice

Yes – and provide on-going support
Perhaps, may also suggest unsuitable training methods

Can prove the  

“worth” of their dogs

Yes – will be able to show you full pedigrees, comprehensive

health reports, and show ribbons and trophies

No – at best perhaps one distant relative may be a champion;

unlikely to have any health testing




Yes – comprehensive, and will carefully select which pup

goes to which home


Rarely – more interested in the pup as a “commodity” rather

than a special being that needs to go to the right home

Will tell you  

about the faults in their dogs. All dogs have good points and bad points. A good breeder knows this.

Yes – will be open and honest about the faults in their dogs
More than likely would not have a clue
No – some will tell you the dogs are “perfect”